The Trend Boutique presents… The History of the Heel.

Heels! We love heels. They make our legs ten miles long and our butts look fantastic. They go perfectly with any type of outfit imaginable and not only do they look fierce on the catwalk, but on the sidewalk as well. Let’s face it. Heels are probably the best thing to ever happen in the fashion world. But how did they even come about? Why were they made? We set out to find all the information we could on the fabulous trend that is the high-heeled shoe.

High heels started out in Egypt. Those Egyptians knew how to make a fashion statement. Not only did they make smoky eyes and headdresses cool, but they helped bring heels into the world. Thanks, Egypt! Both high-class guys and gals wore them, which shows that the heel does not discriminate. High heels made their way through the middle ages, the 1700s and all the way through the 1900s before arriving where it is today. Geez, that’s a long journey.

Ancient Egyptian murals from 3500 B.C.

1400-1600: Chopines were created in Turkey and worn by women. They were so high, they needed the aid of a cane or servants.

The Chinese lotus shoe helped Chinese women shape their feet to make them as small as possible. Ouch!

1700: It's rumored that Marie Antoinette wore heels on her way to the guillotine.

The "Louis heel" was made by Nicholas Lestage in 1660 for Louis XIV. It became fashionable for women to wear them as well.




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