Chaser LA Band Tees @ The Trend Boutique!

Summer has arrived, and for all my rocker girls, you know what that means; summer concerts and Warped Tour! Yes, we must brave the heat, but why not turn heads at the same time? While enjoying up-and-coming bands, pay tribute to a group that shook up the 90s: Nirvana. Lucky for you, we have just the thing. Band tees are totally in right now and will continue to be in, well… forever. Not only do they look good, but they’re great conversation starters! Too shy to strike up a conversation with that cute rocker guy? Let your totally cool band tee break the ice. You’re welcome.

Chaser LA Rolled Sleeve Nirvana Smiley Tee in Black

Chaser LA Nirvana Slouchy Raglan in Black Burnout

Chaser LA Nirvana Studio Photo Muscle Tee in White

Check out other band tees from Chaser LA!

Chaser LA Pink Floyd Heart of the Sun Fleece Raglan in Washed Black

Chaser LA Pink Floyd Distressed Boxy Tee in Burnout Black

Chaser LA Sonic Youth Slouchy Tee in White

Chaser LA Pink Floyd Cold Shoulder Tee in Heather Grey

Chaser LA T-Rex Metal Guru Muscle Tee in Pigment Black

Chaser LA Van Halen Earth Swing Muscle Tee in Black

Chaser LA Box of Roses Grateful Dead Over-sized Raglan in Grey

Chaser LA Van Halen Live Lion Boxy Dolman in White Burnout

Chaser LA Grateful Dead Boxy Dolman in Streaky Grey

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4 Responses to Chaser LA Band Tees @ The Trend Boutique!

  1. Ripped up baggy grunge inspired shirts? Totally my style.

    strawberry freckleface

  2. Briana says:

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  3. I love the t-shirts… they look great for the summer! Best wishes with the launch!
    Take care,

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