Happy 25th Birthday Megan Fox! Love, The Trend Boutique!

Megan Fox celebrates her 25th birthday today and we’re willing to bet that wherever it is she ends up tonight, EVERYONE will be ignoring the person they’re with to get a glimpse of the sizzling starlette. Every heterosexual male wants to be with her (actually, on second thought, we’re willing to bet most gay men would also) and every woman has some opinion of her. Is it just me or do your feelings about Ms. Foxy lay somewhere between: love, hate and envy? We love her because she’s beautiful. But we hate her because she’s beautiful. And we envy her because…she’s beautiful!  Sorry Megan, but you bring the hater out in most women! We can’t help it, we’re just being honest! 😉

Her face is addictively mesmerizing and her sultry swagger is spell binding! Jennifer’s Body was a hor-ri-ble movie (sorry, just my opinion) but every single time it’s on the tele, I sit through it and drool over that face: those juicy lips & those magnetic eyes! Wait a gosh darn minute here…do I have a girl crush on Foxy?!!!!!

BOYS BEWARE: Keep Megan Fox Away From Your Girlfriends & Wives–SHE’LL STEAL THEM ALL!

  1. Rails Ryan Shirt in Multi Stripe
  2. Doma Leather Moto Hoodie Jacket in Black
  3. Wildfox Number 9 Tank
  4. Rails Kendra Gauze Plaid Shirt in Navy
  5. Rebel Yell Eagle Hankie Tank in Black Ash

Visit ShopTheTrendBoutique.com for our complete collection of Megan Fox‘s best looks! There’s plenty more of her style that you can make your own!

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