Handbags & The Celebrities Who Love Them…@ The Trend Boutique!

What’s your day consist of? School, work, shopping, meetings, gym, lunch & doctor’s appointments? Every girl knows that a big bag is essential for a busy gal. Once you leave home in the A.M. you have to make sure you have everything you’re gonna need to get through the loooooong day! Some lotion & lip gloss because dry skin & chapped lips are not a good look. A magazine for those boring wait times at the doctor’s office. C’mon, do you really want to touch the same magazine that all those other sick people have? Your iPad/iPod/iPhone because they’re super cool & you’re definitely the coolest. An extra cardigan to cover up in because you’re never happy with what you’re wearing two hours after you leave the house. A big bottle of water because, although it might be fun, sipping on a 1/5 of vodka is NOT socially acceptable. Lame! Some tampons/pads because mother nature hates you! Pretty much, you gotta fit your whole apartment in a bag!

So get yourself one of these handbags and lug all your crap around in style!

  1. JJ Winters Leather Fringe Navajo Messenger Bag
  2. Rebecca Minkoff Linear Stud Darling in Black Cat
  3. JJ Winters Suede Fringe Bag in Purple
  4. JJ Winters Black Leather Zip Bag
  5. JJ Winters Joyce Stud Suede Fringe Bag in Black
  6. JJ Winter Leather Fringe Handbag

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