The Trend Boutique Is Getting Ready For Earth Day w/ Wildfox!

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LEFT: Wildfox Big Heart Over-Sized Tee in White RIGHTWildfox World Over-Sized Tee in White

Earth Day is only a few days away! April 22, 2011! What’s on your agenda for Friday’s Earth-Loving occasion? Will you go out and plant a tree? If you don’t have a lawn or garden, maybe you can go out and just hug a tree instead, to show them your appreciation for the clean oxygen they provide us! Will you gather and recycle a trunk load of bottles and cans? If there’s none around, maybe you can just drink out of a glass instead, to lower your waste production for the day! Will you ride your bike to work or school instead of driving your car? If that’s too strenuous, maybe you can hitch a ride with a pal or take the bus instead, to lower the gas emissions that are released into the atmosphere!

Bottom line…it doesn’t matter what you do on Earth Day, as long as it’s something! Take a second to help Mama Nature out and think about the planet’s sustainability.

The Trend Boutique is absolutely committed to running an eco-conscious business. We reduce, reuse and recycle! Because shipping and packaging already creates a fair amount of waste, we have tried to make shipping materials as lean as possible. We do not include superfluous items in your shipment like ribbons, stickers, tissue paper etc. All shipping supplies are 100% recycles and are derived from recycled materials. We ship in polybags with the exception of bigger items like large bags and shoes which will arrive in boxes. We reuse boxes that we receive shipments in for storage in our warehouse and we drink water out of reusable canteens. We do what we can and we hope you do also.

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