Looking Legit @ Coachella: A Fashionista’s Survival Guide!

Coachella Music & Arts Festival is an annual event held in Indio California at the Empire Polo Club. It’s a time for music lovers to gather on a massive patch of grassy land (out in the middle of nowhere) and release their musical vibes! There’s vendor food of all different cultures and preferences, interactive art areas, yoga, a farmer’s market, a roller skating party and most importantly (and most entertaining of them all)…there’s the people watching! The most interesting characters make an appearance at this event.

So you’ve got your ticket to this weekend’s gathering, but now…what are you gonna wear?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this area, Indio is nestled in California’s desert region. So what does that mean weather wise? That means blistering days and chilly nights. You’ll be running around half naked trying to shield yourself from the scorching sun during the day. Then as soon as the sun sets, the cold desert breeze will kick in and you’ll be running around offering random strangers beaucoup bucks for their sweaters and towels to wrap around yourself (no blankets allowed).

So because The Trend Boutique cares about our fans and readers, we wanted to take a sec to suggest some must haves and must do’s for those of you who are making it out to the desert this weekend:

Don’t forget your sunglasses! Squinting all weekend is not a good look and we’re pretty sure it causes massive migranes!

Blu Moon Heart Sunglasses

Sunscreen is like gold @ these events. But walking around with an inch of sunscreen globbed on your face isn’t the only way to protect the face’s sensitive skin. Think, wide brimmed hats and leave the dorky visors at home!

Eugenia Kim Felt Honey Hat

The entire area (including camping, interactive & stage areas) is MASSIVE! So wear comfty shoes to walk around in. Something you can slip in and out of when you’re feeling those trancy vibes and want to dance barefoot on the trampled grass.

Koolaburra Venus Fringe Sandal

The trek from the camp grounds to the stage areas aren’t ideal (and you don’t want to waste your time waiting for shuttles), so bring a  cute bag to store your essentials. Pack sufficiently but don’t over-do it because medium bags are permitted, but large bags aren’t.

JJ Winters Suede Fringe Bag

Think flowy tops in light colors. Black is a magnet for that desert sun. Don’t get caught stripping down to your skivvies because your black outfit has turned you into a Korean Hot-Pot!

Blue Life Phoenix Cape Tee

Jens Pirate Booty Janis Top

Don’t forget, amongst all the mayhem, this is a music festival. So represent your love for your fave band in a brand like Chaser LA!

Greatful Dead Steal Your Face Fleece Raglan

Keep it long and light. This dress is the Pert Plus (2-in-1) of Coachella outfits! Light colored to keep you cool during the day, but lengthy to keep you warm at night.

Wildfox Tiger Lily Marie Antoinette Dress

A kimono is a stylish way to bundle up once it gets nippy.

American Gold Kind Hearted Woman Kimono

Spirit Hoods are a fun and playful way to keep your heads warm when things get chilly at night…when the headliners FINALLY make it on stage!

Spirit Hoods Fire Wolf

TIPS from TTB: Bring 10 empty water bottles to participating tents and redeem them for 1 free new bottle of water. And keep an eye out for the Pink’s Hot Dog stand (it’s a Hollywood staple)!

Be safe and have fun! Take tons of pics and send us some: blog@shopthetrendboutique.com

We want to see some Coachella fashion and mayhem!

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3 Responses to Looking Legit @ Coachella: A Fashionista’s Survival Guide!

  1. Mayleezy says:

    Coachella rocks! Have been twice & saw Bjork & Beastie Boys there! Bjork was AMAZING! And yes, it is hot as hell out there!

  2. Alexa Sophia says:

    Love everything! <333 Getting those Koolaburra's next! I have been eyeing them for a while… This confirmed it!!! Thanks Trend Boutique!

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