Fashion Or Foolishness? Mary Katrantzou Autumn/Winter 2011 London Fashion Week!

Born in Greece, schooled in Rhode Island and now designing in London…Mary Katrantzou hit the scene and made her mark only a few years back with her first ready-to-wear collection for London’s Fashion Week A/W 2008. Her signature style is themed around Trompe l’oeil (fool the eye) and her past inspirations have included perfume bottles, blown glass, and eighteenth century society paintings.

Check out the rest of Mary Katrantzou’s most recent A/W 2011 collection:

Vibrant colors!

Think: Ming Vase & Fabergé Egg!

Print overload?

The shoes are fa-reaking awesome!

Attention to detail, but did she pay too much attention?

That first one isn’t very figure-flattering, but it might be good for someone who’s body conscious?

Can’t decide if the skirt is flattering or not? It either gives the illusion of hips or hides them?

Click here to read a short interview with designer MARY KATRANTZOU.

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