Gypsy 05 Fall 2011 Runway Show @ LAFW! Reviewed By The Trend Boutique!

The Trend Boutique gals got a taste of LAFW last night at the Gypsy 05 Fall 2011 fashion show. It was held at Downtown LA’s Vibiana. Beautiful historical venue! There was an open bar out on the beautifully lit outdoor lounge, provided by Leblon. Delish drinks! Especially the Guava Rose. The Gypsy 05 Fall 2011 runway show was youthful and fresh. Think: hot hippies in tie dye and crimped hair.

Some fierce shoes we spotted!

Some pictures from Gypsy 05’s twitter:

Celebrity Sightings:

Hailey Duff & Beverley Mitchell

Lanie "TTB CSM" & Whitney Mixter "The Real L Word"

Dot Jones "Glee" & Razieh "TTB Warehouse Assistant"

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