Trend Throwdown: Carrie Bradshaw VS Nicole Scherzinger in Turbans!

We pretty much agree with just about anything Carrie Bradshaw wears in Sex and the City. And yes, we’re referring to Carrie Bradshaw (the fictional character) NOT Sarah Jessica Parker (the actress), because we believe they have very differing styles. Carrie has given us so many OMG fashion moments and it’s hard to label anything she’s worn as a Fashion Don’t. So we wont! We’ll just call this turban trend she wore in SATC 2Fashion IDK?! What do you think of it? The SATC stylists are, no doubt, trend-setters because they caught Nicole Scherzinger’s eye, who tried the the turban trend last week. Do you dare try this headwear?

Gold Saturn Turband in Wild Thing

Gold Saturn Studded Turband in Black

Gold Saturn Turband in Champagne Bubbly

Learn how to wrap a turban using a scarf from The Trend Boutique!

Tolani Reptile Print Scarf in White

Tolani Lipstick Scarf in Teal

Tolani Aishya Super Silk Scarf in Black Gold Paisley

More celebrities making the turban trend happen!

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