Fashion Or Foolishness? Charlie Le Mindu F/W 2011 London Fashion Week!

French fashion designer/wigmaker/Lady Gaga’s stylistCharlie Le Mindu made headlines with his jaw dropping, NSFW runway show last month at London Fashion Week. Think: blood soaked lace, gas masks, naked bits n’ pieces, underground sex in wartime Berlin. All the while, with a deafening soundtrack of pigs squealing, resonating through the room. With all the social commentary and artful innuendos, did anyone focus on the fashion?

See All The Looks & Hear The Poor Lil ‘Piggies:

Charlie Le Mindu-French Designer

Learn More About Charlie Le Mindu’s Inspirations:

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3 Responses to Fashion Or Foolishness? Charlie Le Mindu F/W 2011 London Fashion Week!

  1. Mack King says:

    I like it, quite alot.. its very Satanic.. very sexy.. i enjoyed it

  2. dcmaxqueen says:

    Okay, here’s the thing. The point in Lady Gaga’s style is her uniqueness. When she does it on stage is amazing and the most intricate piece of art to happen in years. On the runway, it looks like a Halloween pageant. He needs to try something else.

  3. Anna Banana says:

    It’s the new Burka-Chic. Take that Taliban!

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