The Trend Boutique’s Weekly Fashion Giveaway! Win This Wildfox Tee…As Seen On Halle Berry!

Don’t forget the rules:

(1) You MUST live in the U.S. (2) LIKE us on Facebook (3) SUBSCRIBE to our Blog (4) Comment on this post by:

Visiting and telling us which of our Wildfox Couture pieces in our New Arrivals category you are oh so in love with! Leave a link to the Wildfox Couture tee, tank, or dress that you’ve chosen, in your comment.

We will be accepting entries for this prize until Thursday March, 17, 2011-6pm (PST).

Good Luck! And may the most stylish fashionista win!

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19 Responses to The Trend Boutique’s Weekly Fashion Giveaway! Win This Wildfox Tee…As Seen On Halle Berry!

  1. I like the Wildfox Raven Surf Raglan Tee in Blush! I realized I didn’t include a link previously. Here is the link:

  2. jenny says:

    1,2,3, & 4-check!

    there is something about the lipstick traces shirt that makes me think we would get along very well (aka i would wear it everyday):

    & although i don’t drink coffee, i think i need the i need coffee shirt as well…


    Wildfox Couture Royal Pain Oversize V Neck Tee in Clean Black

  4. sunchicka says:

    Love the Wildfox Couture 17th Century Girl Unisex Tee in Clean White

  5. dcmaxqueen says:

    Because I freaking love big tanks, I love love love this one in perticular. Love the color. I will be buying!

  6. Jessica Radtke says:

    I am oh so in love with this little black dress from the new arrivals—-Wildfox Sequin Heart Swing Back Dress in Clean Black. It has enough sparkle to make it go from “fun with the girls” to “flirty with the guys.” It’s purrrrrrrrrrfect for a night out.

  7. Fingers crossed!


  8. brittany says:

    already a fan on facebook and subscribed ❤

    one of my favorites is the Wildfox Raven Surf Raglan Tee in Militant ❤

  9. Monica Erfe says:

    I’m oh so in LOVE with the Wildfox Tiger Lily Marie Antoinette Dress in Clean Black ❤

  10. Christina says:

    I really like this poncho because the color is right on for spring! I’d rock this with some Chucks, cut off denim shorts, and oversized shades!

  11. Julie L says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Wildfox Raven Surf Raglan Tee in Blush!

    I subscribe to the blog and like you on Facebook!

  12. amanda says:

    liked on facebook
    subscribed to blog
    & live in the US 🙂

    my favorite new wildfox piece is the Lion Sequin Surf Raglan Tee in Militant

  13. Rachel M says:

    I’m lovin’ the,”Wildfox Couture Night Lover Beach Cover Poncho in Burnout Black”. I love Navajo-inspired prints so much, even got a feather tat! I could just feel it on my chilled skin over my bathing suit after getting out of the ocean on a relaxing beach day. ❤ it

  14. Sarah McC says:

    I love this tank and it preety much get’s my point across! And things reall do get scary when i haven’t had my coffee!

  15. Laurel Denison says:

    I *THINK * this is a new arrival …. but I LOVE it so I HAD to post it.

    I have ALMOST bought this a million times!

  16. What a collection!!! I LOVE IT….this dress is perfect for summer and the feathers remind of a tattoo that i want to get :)…so this dress is right up my ally.

  17. I was looking through the new arrival Wildfox and fell Absolutely in love with the Wildfox Couture Sporty Beach Cover Poncho in Burnout Blush it’s just what I need for summer to the beach!

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