Summer Style Tips From The Trend Boutique! Kimonos: The New Beach Cover-Up!

  1. Winter Kate Eden Jacket
  2. L*Space Stardust Fringe One Piece
  3. L*Space Dolly Fringe
  4. Winter Kate Eden Jacket

We put so much consideration into picking out the perfect bikini/bathing suit. We spend hours in the dressing room pinching and poking at our bodies, acting like we’re seeing that fat-roll or stretch mark for the first time ever in our lives. Girl, you knew that was always there…quit playing yourself! Just work around it. There are so many styles of swimwear now, you’ll find something—you always manage to every summer.

Bikini shopping day is a one of the least anticipated days, yet one of the most important days in a girl’s life. The decision you make on this day will determine if you spend the summer feeling like Gidget or feeling like Rasputia.

The Trend Boutique knows how stressful picking out the perfect bikini or bathing suit can be, so we decided to help you out by giving you a fresh idea for beach cover ups. Kimonos! They’re the perfect solution to the overdone “baby doll-tube top-terry cloth-smock thingy” that you’ve been using at the beach for the last few years. They’re done! Give them to your dad to use as rags or use them to wrap around your wet hair. We don’t care what you do with them—just don’t use them as beach cover-ups anymore. Please, we beg of you!

Start this summer off by reminding all your friends why you’re the fashionista in the group. Take a step away from the mundane and slip one of this season’s hottest trends over that gorgeous bikini/bathing suit that you spent a freakish amount of time picking out. Did you really almost have a mental and emotional breakdown in the fitting room just to cover that bathing suit up with something bleh? Do that bikini some justice and pair it with an eye-pleasing, fashion-worthy kimono!

American Gold Kind Hearted Woman Kimono

American Gold Awakening Stud Kimono in Black

Winter Kate Long Jasmine Velvet Cardigan in Butter

Here’s an LOL moment we just had: We bet if you asked to look through any random girl’s cell phone, you’d find tons of mirror-reflection pictures of her crammed inside a teeny-tiny dressing room trying on every bathing suit in the store. Why is it LOL? Because we just found some in our cell phone!

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3 Responses to Summer Style Tips From The Trend Boutique! Kimonos: The New Beach Cover-Up!

  1. Denise says:

    I LOVE kimonos! Getting ready to go on a cruise and one of these would be perfect!

  2. dcmaxqueen says:

    I’ll take all of the above, please. ❤

    Kimono are my favorite things in the whole wide world. You can wear them year round!

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