Style Tips From The Trend Boutique! No-Fuss Work Attire!

Is it just us or do Mondays always come way too soon? The boss expects you to return to work refreshed after a weekend of R&R. Yeah right! There was absolutely nothing restful or relaxing about the past few days.

You spent Friday night getting a little (or a lot) tipsy with some gal pals after an arduous week of work. Then you spent Saturday lying in bed, arguing with your liver (she was pretty peeved at you for drinking that gorilla fart at the bar). And yes ladies, it tastes as bad as it sounds! That left Sunday as your only day to be a productive human being. Laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, facebook’ing, girlfriend’ing/ wife’ing/ BFF’ing/ daughter’ing, exercising, exfoliating…then before you know it…it’s time to lay out your outfit for Monday morning and all you can think is, “Somebody punch me in my face now!”

Lady, you need some no-fuss Monday outfits for your wardrobe.  Nix the hassle of trying to coordinate a top with a bottom and get some of these uncomplicated one-pieces, like jumpsuits and dresses.

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Beaded V-Neck

Black Halo Strapless Jumpsuit in Black

Monday’s were made for lightweight cardigans, vests and wraps over soft tanks and oversized tees.

Fluxus Kimono Cardigan in Heather Grey

Winter Kate Hudson Vest in Jet Black

Winter Kate Ginger Cardigan in Willow

Loose-fitting cape tees, blouses and tunics paired with fitted trousers and leggings are also perfect for melancholy Mondays. These looks are simple, yet stylish. And you’ll still be very office-appropriate.

Blu Life Phoenix Cape Tee in Grey

LnA Blouse Tee in White

Winter Kate Grace Tunic in Mackenzie

The Trend Boutique wants to help the working fashionista out. We’re starting a Casual Monday Revolution! Lets make it happen one slouchy top at a time!

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