The Trend Boutique Lets Loose In Miami In Jen’s Pirate Booty!

We just got back from Miami and let us just tell you…these chicks got some style! The weather was ideal for prancing around South Beach in sheer tops, short dresses and even shorter skirts. The day look was very soft and flowy, never tight or clingy. They took their short hemlines to a naughty level, but steered clear of the floozy faux pas by wearing everything loose. Miami is full of flavor and we were in love with the Latin Ladies and Italian Bellas rocking these loose looks with long wavy hair that had been whipped into a subtle frenzy by the Miami breeze.

Dressing for South Beach? Remember this: Let your clothes kiss your skin, not suffocate it. And don’t even think about stepping out of your hotel room without some sun-kissed skin to go with that outfit. Miami mama’s have perfected just the right amount of bronze that makes EVERY color/shade they wear look amazing against their skin!

The best way to illustrate Miami’s South Beach Style is JEN’S PIRATE BOOTY. This collection is Miami’s signature. If you’re thinking of taking a little vacation that way, order EVERYTHING from the collection and you’ll be set!

Click Below to Find These JPB Pieces

(1) Senorita Tunic/Sunshine (2) Poncho Villa Ruffle Dress/Santa Fe Turquoise (3) Bardot Mini/White

Here Are Some Shots From Our Trip. The PG-13 version 😉

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