The Trend Boutique’s Weekly Fashion Giveaway! Win This Wildfox Tee…As Seen On Beyonce!

Don’t forget the rules:

(1) You MUST live in the U.S. (2) LIKE us on Facebook (3) SUBSCRIBE to our Blog (4) Comment on this post by:

Visiting to find the “Wildfox Skull Sweater Dress in Black” and tell us what furry little friend the model is holding in her hand.

We will be accepting entries for this prize until Thursday February, 24, 2011-6pm (PST).

Good Luck! And may the most stylish fashionista win!


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21 Responses to The Trend Boutique’s Weekly Fashion Giveaway! Win This Wildfox Tee…As Seen On Beyonce!

  1. christina a says:

    she is holding a cute lil bunny!!!! pick me please … love the t shirt, the bunny & your site!! XOXOXO

  2. Katie says:

    She is holding a cute white rabbit!

  3. Monica Erfe says:

    commented, fanned, & subscribed 🙂
    the model is holding a bunny rabbit!

  4. cristina says:

    she’s holding a sweet bunny rabbit!

    i like you on facebook, subscribed to your blog and live in the us!


  5. Jessica says:

    She’s holding a bunny rabbit!

    I like you on facebook and follow your blog and live in the US!

  6. Vittoria says:

    she’s holding a white bunny rabbit!

    i “like” u on facebook, subscribe to your blog, and live in the U.S.!

    thanks xx

  7. laura Belle Cheney says:

    a white bunny

  8. Sharon Haas says:

    a sweet squishy looking bunny

  9. brittany hartog says:

    white bunny

  10. samantha Murguia says:

    white bunny

  11. SAM HERNANDEZ says:


  12. Michelle says:

    a white bunny

  13. dcmaxqueen says:

    Bunny bunny. Hes so cute, love Nicoles hair too.

  14. Rachel M says:

    Bunny! I always wanted one!

  15. Alexis Mathis Saak says:

    a very sweet looking rabbit.

  16. Joellen says:

    A cute little Bunny Rabbit!

  17. Jessica K says:

    She is holding a cute little white bunny rabbit with a few black spots. So cute!

    • TheTrendBoutique says:

      Hey Jessica K.
      We announced on Thursday 2/17/11 (shortly after 6pm) that you had won our First Free Day Friday Prize.
      But as our rules stated, you must have responded via email by Monday (2/21/11) at 8am PST. Unfortunately, the deadline wasn’t met and we have to pick a new winner. We’re sorry. 😦

      In the future, to avoid this from happening again, you have to “SUBSCRIBE/FOLLOW” our blog. Doing so will enable us to send you email reminders that the winner is being announced.
      So what are you waiting for girl? SUBSCRIBE NOW @
      There is a “SUBSCRIBE NOW” button in the top right-hand corner of the homepage.
      And even better luck next time. 🙂

      Malinn @ The Trend Boutique

      We hope you continue to enter our contests and we hope you win again soon!

  18. Lisa says:

    She’s holding a bunny rabbit…

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