Sexy Flared Pants! Get It Girl @ The Trend Boutique!

That little peek into Nightcap’s Spring 2011 collection earlier today got us thinking all kinds of sweet and sexy thoughts. So we decided to revisit all the naughty looks that we already have in stock from Nightcap—just to see what we might be slippin’ into later on tonight. Their entire line is flirtatious and sensual, but we just couldn’t stop fawning over those sexy flared pants!

Everything about this look is so risqué. The sweet and subtle cut-outs. The sensual Parisian floral lace that gives everyone a peep, without exposing all your special bits n’ pieces. And the way the light linen hugs your hips…mmm hmmm, is it getting hot in here or is it just us?

Click Below To Find These Looks

(1) Foldover Beach Pants BLK (2) Foldover Beach Pant WHT (3) Lace Bell Bottoms BLK (4) Lace Bell Bottoms WHT

As soon as you slip into a pair of these daring pants, we promise you that sly little femme-fatale inside of you is definitely sneaking out for a night of fun. You better watch out boys, The Trend Boutique is sending some sexy kitties your way.~Meow

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8 Responses to Sexy Flared Pants! Get It Girl @ The Trend Boutique!

  1. TheTrendBoutique says:

    Thanks for reading ladies. We have the BEST fans ever no damn joke. And we got our girl Brit Brit here, love!

  2. Julia says:

    I LOVE the black lace flares!!


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  4. dcmaxqueen says:

    God I love this blog already.


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