Style As You Go: My Style Fashion Assistant App!

For a style maven, the hardest question to answer isn’t “How did Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel get her nickname?”* The real stumper is, “What am I going to wear tonight?”

You’re sitting in class, in your office or on the train—with no access to your wardrobe. You take a moment and try to visualize all your clothes and accessories; trying to piece together a killer outfit in your head. But there are too many options. Too many tanks, too many boots, too many cuffs…system is shutting down (robot voice). Your brain has crashed and the only program that’s left running in your head is the “Meow Mix” jingle.

We here at The Trend Boutique want to help you be the most efficient stylista you can be. So we did some research and found an app for your favorite mobile devices.

Apple has recently updated their My Style Fashion Assistant app (compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad).  It is raved as, “The best closet organizer…they have taken the best from every fashion app in the market and put them all in one place.”-InStyle Magazine.

It takes a little while to get started because you have to log your entire wardrobe onto the app. But after the initial set-up is done, you have a visual of your entire closet at your finger tips. Now you can plan your outfits wherever you are and whenever you please. Style maven super powers, ACTIVATED!

New in Version 1.9.1 (updated Jan. 4, 2011): Creates a backup before performing an upgrade, daily wear bug fixes and syncing bug fixes.

*Coco Chanel was given the nickname “Coco” by her fans/audience during her short stint as a cabaret singer in her late teens/early twenties. One of her favorite songs to perform was Qui qu’a vu Coco.

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